The first 2 weeks…

How do I encapsulate the first two weeks’ time here? Good food. Absolute quiet. Lots of grass. Lots of bugs. Me — cooking! Bela in her element.

(*note: the flowered item in the photo below = A WATERMELON!)

bpillowIMG_9648 wine water pelleg panna biscuitsveg pistach cookiechair ceci french

Lots of things are different here. People pay with CHECKS. They state what county they’re from, not what ‘city’. They invite you to church. (Okay – they urge you to go to church…) There is a serious lack of sidewalks. Doors are left unlocked. Dogs don’t take walks (they hang in their backyards). The local hamburger joint doesn’t need a gimmick; that is where people are going for their burgers, period. You know your chickens. Literally.


These came from a friend’s coop. Never seen such a bright orange yolk in my life. And the taste? Quite different from the ones in the store.

With time on my side, I’ve been able to wander a lot.


And Bela? Well, she’s getting along just swimmingly…




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