Kentucky-fied Kitchen, Volume III: Brownie-nosed

A couple of years ago,  I ran into a neighbor-friend who was exiting his house on his way to a party. He had a plate of something in his hands. I inquired; he offered. ” You want one?” I glanced down. Brownies. They didn’t look like your typical brownie — they were much smaller and flatter (I check out more details on food than I do men.) My response: “Um…well…I hate brownies…”

Yes, I’m an asshole. What kind of person a) hates brownies b) tells other people they hate brownies and c) tells someone  offering them a brownie that they hate brownies. Assholes. My kind.

He gave me one anyway.

I placed it in my palm and scampered off, to eat in privacy. I didn’t want to have to ooh or aah in front of him, or to follow up my negation of appreciation with comments about its moisture content.

As it turns out, that brownie wasn’t a brownie at all. It was fudge. Fudge held together by the fibers of flour, but fudge nonetheless.

I hung my head a little when I asked for the recipe. He produced it promptly, easy-to-read on a white index card. He had written ‘Smitten Kitchen‘ in fine-tooth Sharpie above the ingredient list. My mouth dropped. I didn’t know Zach knew Smitten Kitchen; I hadn’t spoken of her with anyone. She was like a dirty little secret. I loved her blog, for her photos and prose. But I hadn’t made anything from it yet, because, you know…’I hate brownies and I hate to cook’.

It’s two years later, and I have finally made these. They’re awesome, just like I remembered. Way more like fudge than like a brownie, but….um…I actually do like brownies.

IMG_0789 IMG_0803

The Prep. I get all ingredients out and Bela gets under the table.

Cocoa. the Crusader of this recipe.

IMG_0825 IMG_0863

Salt. (my favorite ingredient in ANY sweet)            The eggs. from that chicken friend of ours.










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