Kentucky-fied Kitchen, Volume VII: This Takes the Cake

Last year, I met a guy that made me want to bake cakes.   (but for now…we’ll just talk about the cakes…)

Today, I baked a vegan carrot cake. The recipe came to me when I was participating in a ‘Vegan Challenge’ a couple years ago. It was 3o days in length. Everybody put $$ in a pot and vowed to send an email if we were to fail. Those who made it through would split the proceeds.

I was absolutely certain of my success. I am pretty much only good at things when challenged. I LOVE to be challenged. I like to make bets. I delight in proving people wrong. I would think this was indicative of a personality problem, but it’s really only worked out to my benefit. I’ve won games of pool with money on the table when I wasn’t even familiar with the rules. I’ve bullseyed in darts after someone says so to me, “Just give up. You’re not good at this.”  I crawled my way up to the very top of a ‘Rock Paper Scissors’ bracket in a bar one night, until it was just me and a frat boy on a small stage, staring each other down. Who won? I did, of course.

I…uh….actually LOST the vegan challenge, but only because of a bun. A hot dog bun that included ‘milk’ in its production. I was chowing down on my (not delicious) meatless hot dog, robed in said bun when I realized I hadn’t looked at the ingredient list.

I honored the remainder of the Vegan Challenge anyway, even after the bun incident. I did a lot in the kitchen, learned a lot of new recipes, and shared them with others. This carrot cake came from the depths of that dairy-less time; and it has proven to be a real winner. (as is amy’s floral apron; I wear it every chance I get!)

IMG_4939 IMG_4951 IMG_4960 IMG_4975

IMG_4980 IMG_4963


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