The Pisser

It’s like, really dark outside here today. And it is matching my insides.

I’m angry as shit.

Which means, that I feel vulnerable, and when I feel vulnerable without a ton of love in return, I take all that sweet vulnerability, and I set it on fire.

I love to send love. Text messages to people I know, emails to those I don’t, phone calls when I can. I tell Nic, Oliver and Bela I love them probably 50 times each a day. I love to give love. 

And I get a lot in return. Like, a lot. I could sit here and tell you stories that would make your head spin. The givingness. Unbelievable givingness.

But today, I am focused on how a couple people didn’t email me back. One, like two years ago. And a person that didn’t take my phone calls, time after time. Like ten years ago.

Why did someone I want to love not let me love them? Why didn’t they love me back? 

I don’t know the answer, (motherfucker I wish did!), but I do know that when I sit here and stew over the people that don’t love me, I forget who does. What a great honor to be loved, by anyone.

[Kelly, get off their Facebook page now. Let it go.]

What a great honor, to be loved, by anyone. 





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